Delsan AIM’s health, safety and environmental policies define the principal values on which all of our services are based.


/ PROTECTION Our primary target is to provide a workplace that is injury and incident free by implementing a “No One Gets Hurt” mentality with our employees, vendors, sub-contractors and by continuously building and promoting a Health and Safety culture within our organization.

/ RISK MANAGEMENT Delsan AIM also strives to achieve a “No One Gets Hurt” goal by looking at and analyzing all our projects from a risk based perspective to eliminate all uncertainties and bring risks associated with our activities to a level that is acceptable and manageable for our workers and clients.

/ COMPLIANCE This involves effective management, planning, training, and communication, as well as rigorous compliance with all applicable acts and regulations.


/ RISK ASSESSMENT Formal risk assessments are conducted for every project regardless of its size or value.  Our engineering team works hand and hand with our Health and Safety Department and Operations to develop engineered procedures for all critical activities associated with our work.


/ TRAINING  Delsan AIM invests in its staff skills development through dedicated training and mentoring to promote healthy work habits and safe behaviors. Creativity, excellence and innovation are implemented by inviting our workers to share their ideas on a daily basis.


 / CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT To achieve our optimum safety standards, we have placed continuous improvement at the heart of our strategic concerns. The latter, integrated into a safe change management, guides our mission.

/ MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Our management system involves and energizes all organizational levels across the company, from management to on-site staff, to ensure the identification and elimination of hazards. The performance of our management system is evaluated and optimized through surveys performed by our workers for them to perceive Health and Safety risks.