London Psychiatric Hospital

London, Ontario
London Psychiatric Hospital
February 2022 – January 2023
Government / Institutional
Abatement, Asset Recovery, Demolition, Recycling
The project
The demolition work was undertaken in accordance with engineered guidelines by first selectively removing any non-structural building components such as architectural finishes and electrical and mechanical equipment to better source separate the different waste materials prior to bulk demolition.
The structures were subsequently demolished mechanically using excavators equipped with specialized attachments with the waste being shipped off-site to licensed recycling and disposal facilities except for the concrete, which was crushed to an appropriate size for reuse at the project site, providing approximately 36,000 tons of reusable material for the client.
The project entailed the decommissioning and complete demolition of eight (8) buildings associated with the London Psychiatric Hospital with an overall footprint of over 130,000 ft2. The work involved the abatement of asbestos-containing materials as well as polychlorinated biphenyls, lead, and mercury-containing equipment prior to the commencement of demolition.
An additional two (2) buildings were included in the contract, both of historical significance. One, identified as the Barn, required the abatement of flaking lead-containing paint from the interior of the building, while the second one – the Infirmary Building – needed to be partially demolished to remove a section that had deteriorated and was no longer safe, while maintaining the integrity of the remaining structure.