Selective demolition consists of the partial removal of architectural or structural components from a building, in order to prepare for a future demolition or renovation. Delsan AIM has the experience and expertise to undertake projects involving technically complex selective demolition.



/ SERVICES Our structural experts review each project and develop detailed demolition methodologies that include an analysis of the existing structures, design of temporary shoring or bracing, as well as crane lifting plans for the selective removal of architectural and/or structural components.

/  EXPERTISE At Delsan AIM, we are experts in overcoming jobsite restrictions in congested and occupied areas and we operate with minimal disruptions to clients and surrounding neighbors.

/ LARGE SCALE PROJECT Past projects have brought challenges, such as the demolition of furnace stacks next to a multi-level highway and the demolition of an office building adjacent to a nearby glass office tower surrounded by one of the busiest sidewalks in the country.   




With a team of both in-house and third-party engineers, Delsan AIM can ensure that the work undertaken is in accordance with applicable building codes and is performed in a manner that protects workers, the public and the integrity of any structures that are to remain.  


Extensive Selective Demolition Experience

Experts in Historical Facade Conservation

Advanced Engineering Expertise

Unwavering Commitment to Safety