Former Molson Brewery

Montreal, QC
Abatement, Asset Recovery, Demolition, Recycling
The project
The brewery, which operated near the banks of the St. Lawrence River from 1786 to 2022, consists of multiple industrial buildings with various production equipment and infrastures that were constructed during its long history including some now iconic features such as the illuminated clock, the Molson tower and sign as well as the brick chimney that form part of the character of the Montreal skyline.
Delsan-A.I.M. is currently undertaking the first phase of this multi-year project, which consists of preparing a section of the brewery for the planned renovations. The scope of work involves the abatement of hazardous materials, such as asbestos, and the selective removal of process equipment along with the associated mechanical and electrical infrastructures, architectural finishes, and building structures in an area encompassing over 170,000 sq. ft., all while protecting and maintaining sections of the brewery that are scheduled to remain including those of an historical value.
The Former Molson Brewery is currently undergoing a major renovation that aims to reimagine the site, merging its historical essence with contemporary urban development through a respectful and meticulous transformation process that will add nearly 6-million-square-feet of historic mixed residential and commercial space to downtown Montreal.
One of the major challenges of this first phase has been the demolition of an exterior tank farm that consisted of twenty-nine (29) large beer fermentation unitanks with heights of up to 86 ft. above grade in an area with limited space and adjacent to Papineau Avenue as well as an active railway corridor.

The work to remove these tanks was safely and successfully executed in a controlled manner using both mechanical high-reach demolition equipment as well as engineered control-drop methods.

The project, thus far, has also involved the dismantlement and removal of brewing equipment and the complete selective demolition of all architectural finishes from various buildings including the structural demolition of a section of a 1930’s-era five (5) storey building and two (2) industrial buildings.
All the work is being carefully planned and executed in order to prevent any damage to the structures to remain along with the significant historical elements that are scheduled to become part of the new development.